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[22 Jan 2007|06:54pm]

updated layout

who knows how to make thumbnails?? we need an update on our site.
ps i'll probably finish this layout some other time.. i woke up at 2:30 and got like nothing done
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[28 Apr 2006|08:48pm]

oh yes anddd this layout here is bugging me
has been for a while

i shall fix it
later if i'm not tired. or tomorrow

i am sooo not in a perky mood
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AN UPDATE!! [28 Apr 2006|08:40pm]

We seriously haven't updated here in a while. Well, we got a new layout on the website also putting this community on there, so we'll see if we get any more members, lol. Should we have a chatboard on the site? hmmmm

We are currently in the process of making a DVD!

Global campaign for educationCollapse )
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[13 Oct 2005|11:25am]

or more of updated

& icon


i feel like making graphics today so i'll prolly make a new banner

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UPDATES! [23 Aug 2005|07:39pm]

1) who saw the news? channel 9? i got it on tape =)
2) made a new icon for this community =P
3) links on the offical website fixed, but you cant navigate donate correctly from the FAQ page
4) Wendy got a username! activism55
5) this layout will be changed a bit, things in the sidebar. also the info too.
6) finally thandiwe joined
7) molara will get a new username 'cause she forgot the password to hers. haha.
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[23 Aug 2005|12:51pm]

Hey everybody..... im so bored and I just so.......
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[18 Aug 2005|03:17pm]

okay so here's my story.
I messed up the layout.
so i redid it.
yeah the entries are close to the bottem but whatever joanne

BY THE WAY check out the website! schoolgirlsunite.org . yes, i am aware the photogallery & FAQ & some other links dont work but molara & i will fix that
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[09 Aug 2005|08:45pm]

okay done
i think it looks pretty neat
but the image is kinda messed up
blah whatever
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[09 Aug 2005|06:18pm]


I've never been too great with theories, but I have one now. Maybe the reason why we only have three members- including me- is because people are afraid of us.


Fine, stupid idea, BUT WHATEVER. Hmph.

Y'all going to the next meeting?

Oh, and about the layout here. Can you add some pace to the very bottom, so the journal-part isn't right at the bottom of the page? Like, so there's some space under that box?

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[08 Aug 2005|07:49pm]

new info & promotion buttons
check em out ;D
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nice [30 Jul 2005|10:30am]

like the new banner? PSP is awesome
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new & improved [08 Jul 2005|06:20pm]

Better profile =] & some new link buttons.  if anyone has any link buttons you can tell me lol cuz i forgot the password to the community & it's just linked to my username haha
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[06 Jul 2005|07:34pm]

[ mood | pessimistic ]

Wow. I haven't posted here in the longest time, either. I'm just doing it because y'all were posting here, and, well, I read my friends page probably every day, so. Here I am.

I can't wait to get my hands on that necklace I reserved. So PRETTY! And  iwant a pencil pouch-thingy. And one of those bracelets with the shells and the Mali colors. I'd also like one of those elephant necklaces. Those were so shiny and the elephants were so CUTE. But then Mira has to go and say "But elephants are the symbol for republicans." So I'm saying "Well, maybe I can skip the elephant necklace then.." and then Mira adds "But you also can't blame every elephant for what they've been symbolized by people like republicans" or whatever. My memory likes to destort things so that I remember them differently than the way they happened. It's very annoying.


DrawingCollapse )

Lalala. I didn't get to see the news. :( Oh well.

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did you guys have fun?! [06 Jul 2005|02:40pm]


it was pretty awesome today at the cafe.  i liked the beaded stuff and all that, really pretty.

i'm ganna be recording the show if some people cant watch it: 5:00 fox 5 news right?

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new link! [05 Jul 2005|06:28pm]


I was bored so i made a new link for this site 'cause the other one's ugly lol:

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layout [05 Jul 2005|05:10pm]

i made a new layout *proud*. but i had to change the text cuz yvettes like "well shouldnt it all be in one type of font since you all are 'united'" so yeah, tell me how you like it slash should there be any changes =] * also i think i'm ganna change the userinfo around, i have too much time on my hands *
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protest [25 Jun 2005|07:13pm]

what did everyone think of the protest?
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[16 Jun 2005|09:10pm]

[ mood | content ]


Went to DC the past two days. It was cool, man. 'Met' some kids from Georgia and Florida, and Pennsylvania or where ever. Global Campaign for Education. DON'T CALL ME A DORK. Okay, fine, go ahead, it's what I am, really. Uhh, took a lot of photos, mostly with people whom I don't know exist (even though I have a picture with them) and flashes (from cameras. Geeze.) from people I've never seen before in my life, and most likely will never see again. Ooh, took a tour of the Capital building, and that tour guide was cool man. Saw him again today, because he worked in Van Hollen's office. We met with Van Hollen and some lady who works with Mikulski (sp?). Walked a LOT. Anika was on MSNBC. I'll be in the Gazette (Kensington) sooner or later. I think.

Graduation. Er, okay, it wasn't a graduation. It was a sad excuse for a promotion-celebration thingy. They had music stuff, some piano thing. CELLOS. God, every time I see one, I feel like playing it, even though it'd be safe to say all I could make would be a scary screeching sound. I miss those things. *SIGH*   Well, there were the normal speechies and poems. And a singing number. Which, uh. Er, no comment. I'm really not one to critisize one's singing talent. And then what a reception! Wow, mini powdered doughnuts and bottles of water. My god, could they have done any better?

Oh, but the dance. That was worth-while. Mira, who didn't go, missed a lot. Well, not a lot, but something fun. Except for that whole Danielle-and-everybody-else-ganging-up-on-me-to-rip-my-sweater-off-so-that-everyone-could-see-that-stupid-tank-of-mine-that-er-fits. GAGH. But it was fun.

Pool Party. I GOT FREAKING SUNBURN. I swear, I applied sunscreen. SPF15, but it's still sunscreen. And I DID reapply during the lunch break. Stupid stupid stupid. And my bathing suit is pink. And is a tankini, thank you very much. IT'S CALLED MODESTY, EVER HEAR OF IT???



FINALLY, SUMMER TIME. And man, it took long enough to get here. (But if I think about it too much, eighth grade feels like one of those weird dreams. Now that it's over, it doesn't really feel like I was ever IN eighth grade or something. Or like only half the year was there. The other half is some gian void of blankness. Weird. )

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UPDATE.... [05 Jun 2005|01:50pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay, number one, most of you guys know about the protest being reschedualed but here is something i made [lol Joanne]

Also-- I joined the Peace Corps journal, its pretty cool.  i forget what its called lol, peacecorpfolks i think.  Just go to the info in this community, then to interests in Mali and scroll down and you`ll see it.  Pretty cool =]


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PROTEST [22 May 2005|08:44pm]



be there! bush broke his promise!! so here's the deal: me, emily, probobly anika and maybe mira are ganna be the musicians.  you know, open case deal.. the money we get will go to SGU.  duno who's singing yet though, but this is the lyrics i've got so farCollapse )

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